Noah J & Co.

Green Oaks Oversized Pendant
36"d x 21"h + 13.5"h rope and 9'chain
Available in natural (shown) and white.

Metal Basket Lamp
Large: 29"d x 29"w x 21"h
Small: 15"w x 15"d x 15"h

Spider Chandelier
Small: 36"w x 36"d x 36"h
Medium: 48"w x 48"d x 36"h
Large: 72"w x 72"d x 36"h
Available in rust or flat black.

Beachhouse Chandelier
26” round x 29”h

Falconwood Chandelier
32” round x 44”h

Bowline Chandelier
33” round x 29”h, adjustable from 52”–119”h

Knole Chandelier
49”round x 20.75”h

Marjiescope Chandelier
32” round x 30”h

Saxon Chandelier
63" round x 29”h
Available in black (shown) or silver.

Brussels Pendant
36” round x 17”h

Stillwater Pendant
12” round x 17”h, adjustable from 22”–59”h

Chanteuse Chandelier
25" round x 32”h

Green Oaks Pendant
15.5"d x 18.25"h + 60" rope and 22' cord
Available in natural (shown) and white.

Antibes Chandelier
30” round x 24”h

Denison Lantern
Grande: 32” square x 48”h
Large: 26” square x 41”h
Rectangular: 40"w x 20"d x 34.75"h
Available in silver, gold, and black (shown).

Bonfire Chandelier
32” round x 34”h

Houndslow Rectangular Chandelier
40”w x 22”d x 32”h

Lustre Chandelier
26” round x 32”h

Oyster Circle Chandelier
38” round x 28.25”h, adjustable from 28.25”–79.25”h

Toulouse Chandelier
33” round x 53”h

Lumley Pendant
13”round x 14”h, adjustable from 20”–54”h

Wisteria Oversize Pendant
42"d x 24"h + 21" rope and 9' chain
Available in gray (shown) and whitewash.

Winery Chandelier
32"w x 32"d x 30"h
Extra Large: 54"w x 48"d x 36"h

Ramo Chandelier
54"w x 54"d x 32"h
Available in rust or flat black.

Bayou Chandelier
19” round x 16”h

Dunchurch Chandelier
35.75"round x 31.5”h

Hedy Chandelier
22” round x 33”h

Luciole Chandelier
34” round x 34-160”h

Rooney Chandelier
36”round x 31”h

Benson Lantern
24” round x 28”h

Profile Pendant
9.5”round x 17.5”h