Noah J & Co.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Noah J?

The store is named after owner Chris Holt’s great grandfather, Noah Jackson Greer. But yes, we get emails addressed to “Noah” all the time!

Can I shop online?

While we do not offer online shopping, we are able to ship certain items. Please contact us to discuss an order.

Do you offer a trade discount?

Yes, Interior Designers can shop tax-free and with a discount after providing us with a tax ID number. Please contact us to get set up.

Can I take items on approval?

Yes, Interior Designers who have established relationships with us may take certain items on approval. A restocking fee may apply to large quantities of items.

Do you offer interior design services?

Yes, owner Chris Holt also provides full-service commercial and residential design at Holt Interiors. He is only able to accept new projects with a scope of at least one full room’s design.