Noah J & Co.

Balboa Carved Console
65"w x 16"d x 30"h

Harlow Console
60"w x 17"d x 32"h

Gregory Console
54"w x 18"d x 31"h
Available in silver and gold (shown) finishes.

Convention Sofa Table
60"l x 15"d x 32.5"h

Conrad Console
81"l x 20"d x 32.5"h
Also available as 9-drawer and 6-drawer dressers.

Lilia Console
84"l x 20"d x 32"h
72”l x 18”d x 32”h
60”l x 18”d x 32"h
Available in gray wash wax (shown) or espresso.
Also available with casters.

Ayer Console
66”l x 16.5”d x 32.5”h

Chloé Console
62.5”l x 19”d x 33”h
Available in several finishes.
Also available as petite 2-drawer console 54”l x 19”d x 33”h.

Halden Console
84”l x 19”d x 32”h

Bridge Console Base & Concrete Top
41.5'' x 17'' x 32''

Camden Console
60"w x 18"d x 31.5"h

Ellison Console
54"w x 16"d x 32"h
Wood shelves and metal frame.
Also available as side table and coffee table.

Nelson Console
60"l x 14”d x 32”h

Milena Console
52"l x 16"d x 32.5"h

Richard Console
66.5”l x 18”w x 31”h or 84”l x 18”w x 31”h

Reclaimed Lumber Console
142"l x 24.5"d x 36"h
Also available as 3-drawer 84”l x 20”d x 36”h

Gimso Console
60”l x 18”d x 32”h
Also available as round coffee tables, rectangular coffee tables, side table, and bookcase.

Konrad Console
66"l x 15"d x 31"h

Santa Barbara Console
74”l x 16”d x 32”h

Regeant Console Table
60'' x 17'' x 31''
Available in white (shown), cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Clint Console
60"w x 16"dp x 33"h
Available in natural (shown) and white sand.
Also available as side table and coffee table.

Plank Top Console
85"w x 16"d x 31.5"h

Graf Console
72"l x 22"d x 32"h

Mariah Console
72.5"l x 18"d x 33"h

Luanda Console
71.5”l x 20.5”w x 30.5”h

Spanish Console
56"l x 22"d x 30"h

Jasmine Console
66"l X 16"d X 30"h

Clark Console
64”l x 20”d x 33”h
Available in several finishes.
Also available as dresser, highboy, side table, and nightstand.

Seward Console
68”l x 16”d x 32”h