Noah J & Co.

Amalia Sofa
78"w x 34"h x 38"d
Available slipcovered or upholstered.
Also available in chair and chaise.

Dexter Sofa
90"w x 29"h x 40"d
Also available as chair, mini chair, loveseat, and sectional.

Kenneth Sofa
108"w x 35"h x 43"d
Also available as chair.

Luccia Sofa
84"w x 35"h x 38"d
96"w x 35"h x 38"d
Also available as loveseat.

Spa Sofa
86"w x 39"d x 30.75"h

Clegg Falls Sofa
86”w x 40”d x 37”h

Essentials Sofa
80”w x 38”d x 37”h

Hatteras Falls Sofa
90”w x 38”d x 37”h

Nantucket Sofa
86”w x 40”d x 37”h

Kelsey Sofa
90”w x 40”d x 33”h

Sona Settee
72'' x 35.5'' x 31.5''
Available in nutmeg (shown), cinnamon, and clove.
Also available as arm chair, side chair, lounge chair, bar stool, side table, dining table, and coffee table.

Colin Sofa
84"w x 28.5"h x 34"d
Also available as chair and bench.

Genevieve Sofa
84"w x 32"h x 43"d
96"w x 32"h x 43"d
108"w x 32"h x 43"d
Available slipcovered and upholstered.
Also available as chair, chair and a half, and loveseat.

Kenso Sofa
84"w x 29"h x 35"d
96"w x 29"h x 35"d
Also available as mini chair.

Radley Sofa
78"w x 30"h x 38"d
90"w x 30"h x 38"d
Also available as bench, ottoman, chair and sectional.

Orgill Falls Sofa
87”w x 41”d x 39”h

Dale Sofa
84”w x 40”d x 37”h

Grand Sofa
97”w x 39”d x 34”h

Martingale Sofa
77”w x 34”d x 38”h

Sedgefield Sofa
88”w x 39”d x 35”h

Desmona Sofa
76'' x 33.5'' x 35''
Also available as lounge chair.

Benedict Sofa
84"w x 36"d x 29"h

Henry Sofa
108"w x 27"h x 42"d
96"w x 27"h x 42"d
Also available as chair and sectional.

Louis Sofa
90"w x 31"h x 40"d
78"w x 31"h x 40"d
Also available as chair, mini chair, and sectional.

Stewart Sofa
72"w x 31"h x 34"d
80"w x 31"h x 34"d
90"w x 31"h x 34"d
Also available slipcovered.

Carter Sofa
82”w 40”d x 40”h

Dilworth Sofa
84”w x 39”d x 35”h

Jordan Sofa
98”w x 40”d x 34”h

Mineola Sofa
77”w x 37”d x 38”h

Patrick Sofa
80”w x 29”d x 37”h

Heaslip Sofa
85'' x 34'' x 28.25''
Also available as ottoman.